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Q&A: Any thoughts on this torture scene?

Question by AngryChair: Any thoughts on this torture scene?
This is an extension to a previous question, on my 'cops and robbers' story. Basically, last night I realised that all good heist stories have a torture scene, so I sat down and wrote this. I have no idea if it's realistic, as I've never had any of this happen to me, but I did a little bit of research into it and I think this might be what it would feel like. So basically I'd just like to know if it's a keeper or not. Thanks!

As Frank came to, the first thing he noticed was the cold. Every part of his body ached with unbearable cold. It didn't help that he was half naked. He was sitting in pitch black darkness, and total silence, apart from his ragged breathing and chattering teeth, stripped to the waist. He tried to wrap his arms around himself to warm up, but they were bound behind his back. The ropes binding him were cutting into his wrists, perhaps a good thing as it took his mind off the cold. His clothing was soaked and he began to shiver uncontrollably. Then came the pain. His leg was searing; it felt as though it had been run over by a train. Waves of indescribable pain rolled over him, made worse with any slight movement. The darkness suddenly lit up in a dazzingly white. Frank looked around and realised he was inside a meathouse freezer, surrounded by bloody pig carcasses. He was tied tightly to a hard wicker chair in the centre of the room, bloodied and bruised. He groaned as he tried to adjust his position; the white tip of his femur was sticking out of his thigh. Must have been one hell of a fight. He snapped his head around quickly when he heard several loud taps that seemed to come from outside the room. On the right wall, a large rolling door slid open to reveal a figure clad in black, grasping a toolbox in one hand and a metal pipe in the other. Frank blinked his eyes, trying to adjust to the brightness, hoping to recognise something, anything about this bastard standing there staring at him. All Frank could see were two gleaming eyes peering out of the slits of a balaclava. The 'bastard', as Frank had decided to call him, stepped inside the freezer and closed the door. Frank could hear his heartbeat echo around the room, his leg was screaming in pain. The bastard stood in front of Frank, and placed the toolbox on the floor. Taking the metal pipe in both hands, he walked behind Frank and out of view. Frank's breathing quickened, struggling against his bonds. He hurled profanities at the bastard, as if calling his mother enough names would deter the guy. Suddenly he felt the cold metal pipe press into his throat, his head was pulled back next to the bastard's.
"Where's the money?"
"I'm not saying a fucking thing! Who the fuck are you?" Frank cried. His entire body was wracked with pain, it came in horrible pulses up his leg to his brain and flooded back down again, getting more intense with every moment that passed. The bastard pulled back on the pipe and Frank began to choke.
"Do you think you are in any position to ask questions? Where. Is. The money?"
Frank tried to scream but his larynx was all but crushed beneath the metal. In between gritted teeth he groaned, "Fuck you!"
The bastard let go of the pipe and walked around to face Frank.
"You're a stupid bastard, Basso." He crashed the pipe down onto Frank's shattered leg. "Where's the money?"
Tears of pain streamed down Frank's face as his vision blurred, deafened and blinded by the pain that shot through his limbs.
"Who the fuck are you, you fucking bastard?" he screamed at the faceless figure. He could hear the guy laughing from behind the ski mask as he tried in vain to loosen the rope around his wrists.
"We have a mutual friend." The bastard knelt down and opened his toolbox, reaching in and extracting a pair of rusted jumper cables and a car battery. "I just want you to know that I enjoy what I do immensely. Even if you do tell me what I need to know, I may not stop. Face it, Frank. You're fucking dead. You might as well just tell me, and save yourself a whole lot of screaming."
Frank's heart was in his throat, he couldn't see or think straight. Why should this bastard get his hands on my money?
"Don't feel like talking yet? Fair enough." Frank felt the teeth of the jumper cables bite into his chest. The bastard laughed again as Frank screwed up his eyes and grit his teeth. "Fuck y-" he began, but was interrupted by 500 volts punching their way into his heart. Every muscle in his body tightened as he screamed through his teeth. His body felt as if it had been lit on fire, and he could feel the electricity course through his chest and radiate out to every extremity.
The buzz of the electricity stopped and Frank went limp. His surroundings swirled into one, black, fuzzy screen in front of his eyes. He was swiftly brought back to

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Answer by Keenan's Summer Queen
ehh, i don't know i mean its good enough i guess, and pretty realistic, but i think what you should do is just give it a break for a while, don't look at it, read it, or think about it for a week or so, then read it again, you'll be able to work out the sentence structure bugs that way, the scene is good the word flow however is not at its top notch

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Q&A: Someone might ask “Do you consider yourself eco-friendly if you drive an electric car?”?

Question by Breath on the Wind: Someone might ask "Do you consider yourself eco-friendly if you drive an electric car?"?
But only leave such a question up for a couple of hours before accepting a negative response. Perhaps such questions are no better than the advertisements that are against Yahoo T/S. This one did not give much of a pretense at being open or fair so I thought it deserved another chance. The response accepted as BA gave some rather odd statistics for the energy makeup of electricity. But upon reflection, he could have been quoting stats for some suburb in South Africa. As long as the stats are not qualified they are probably true somewhere. So just what is behind that EV grin?;_ylt=AlERfHkOeVVdGTIP8VH6VKn95nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20101008122415AAggnSQ "Nickel-cadmium batteries" !!?? That was two generations of chemistry ago and were they ever used in an EV?

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Answer by RickyD
I would say that being an an eco-friendly car is a good thing!

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Q&A: Anyone ever worked on a project about “safe recollection and disposal, recycling of lead-acid batteries”?

by Buster Benson

Question by ihrobin: Anyone ever worked on a project about "safe recollection and disposal, recycling of lead-acid batteries"?
The challenge we are facing is enforcement of the regulation. The law of the land requires old, used battries to be deposited with authorised recollection, recycling agents. New battery customers are supposed to leave the old one with the retailer; the retailer is supposed to send it to the recycling agents.

However, the informal, illegal channel is still very active in collecting the batteries by offering monetary incentives to battery retailers and users.

Unsafe disposal, recycling of old batteries is a major environmental concern in Bangladesh. While a new battery for an average sedan car costs 3000 taka (local currency); the used batteries are exchanged for an amount ranging between 500-1000 taka.

How do we build awareness? How do we get the law enforcers to enforce the law?

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Answer by C R
The UK used to have a fairly good record for recycling lead/acid batteries compare with the rest of the EU.

Since the EU introduced lead/acid battery regulations the percentage recycled in the UK has dropped.

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How Long To Recharge Car Battery – Restore Batteries

by einalem

How Long To Recharge Car Battery - Restore Batteries

A car battery has an average life of 5 years depending on their quality as well as warranty. It depends on the conditions that the battery is running on. There are various factors that determines how long to recharge a car battery. If your car battery last longer than the average 5 years, it only means that you are taking good care of your car battery.

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A car battery would not last long due to poor maintenance, too much cold temperature, leaving the car idle for long periods, car parts which are faulty, battery cables and posts are not functioning well, use of battery for other purposes and car parts . Although one must take note that not all batteries can be restored or recharged. It depends. If your car is dead, it should be replaced but if a car battery is just low on power it can still be recharged.

Here are some steps on how you may be able to know how long to recharge car battery. 1) Try to inspect your car battery for any damage. 2) Check the cables attached to the car battery, see whether they are corroded or not. If they show signs of corrosion, unloosen the clamps and clean with stiff brush. If they are only loosen then try to tighten them.

A battery needs a battery charger and an alternator. An alternator will help in restoring enough charge to the battery which will allow internal cold cranking amps to start the battery. The battery charger will determine how long it will take to recharge a car battery. The lower the amp the longer wit will take for a battery to be recharged as well as how dead the battery is.

How long to recharge car battery? It all depends on the situation, a few factors and conditions.

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Q&A: What is the difference between a battery and an acumulator?

by atonal

Question by Mark N: What is the difference between a battery and an acumulator?
I would like to know with scientific base what is the difference between the two. I know that a battery cannot be recharged (the kind we use for our portable radios and flashlight that you have to throw away after depleted), and a accumulator can be recharged (like a car "battery" - wrongly named?).

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Answer by Dr.A
A galvanic cell is an electrochemical cell that stores energy and makes it available in electrical form.
A battery is a string of two o more celle in series.
An accumulator is an apparatus by means of which energy can be stored . It is a RECHARGEABLE battery

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Q&A: What would make a Battery “Not Take a Charge?”?

by Anastacia Haddon

Question by For Brains (See Pic): What would make a Battery "Not Take a Charge?"?
Im thinking of Household items that have Sulfuric Acid to put in the Battery right now...

Any Household items i can use or "Cut Open" with a Utility knife to get Sulfuric Acid out? Thanks!

And should i charge the battery while i either 1) Get the Sulfuric Acid out of a Household item OR 2) But the Electrolyte in 5 DAYS!!??

And should i also Discharge the battery by driving the Car with it?

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Answer by joemong
because the battery is no good.

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