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what does it mean when i get an unstable battery reading when testing a car battery?

Question by GrayMatters: what does it mean when i get an unstable battery reading when testing a car battery?
i have a battery tester that i use at work and alot of cars i test it says "unstable battery" it will automatically test it again and again it will say "unstable battery" then it will automatically test it again and etc. etc. what does that mean?
i dunno the test either reads: bad cell replace;replace battery;battery good;battery good recharge;or unstable battery...i don't understand the unstable battery one

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Answer by studmuffin
its probably got a bad cell in it.

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Extend Car Battery Lifewith Car Battery Tester

by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Extend Car Battery Lifewith Car Battery Tester

sophisticated|modern|sophisticated} devices fitted in your car. Radios and simple container players are now replaced by iPods and DVD players. You can also watch movies and video clips in your auto while you are on the road; the LCD screens have made this possible. No need to carry a map with you when you travel, a GPS device that is fitted in your car will display the map and will navigate you to your destination.

All these devices though are essential, they still have to rely entirely on your car battery. We will realize the importance of our car battery only when the car rejects to start and work well. To help you understand the problem and to test your battery regularly, you should always keep a car battery tester handy. The car battery tester will not only detect the problem but will also show you the solution.

The battery performance differs as per the atmosphere and the temperature outside. If your battery is heated, let your battery cool itself before you start your engine. And when it is really very cold make sure your battery warms up. The normal temperature for both hot and cold temperatures should be room temperature to accurately measure your battery reading.

When your battery gets discharged totally and you need to recharge it, try not to use the quick charging battery charger. This might use high current to charge your battery quickly but in the end will harm all your sensitive plates and parts inside your battery. The other option you could use is to jump start your car using another fully charged battery and connecting jumper cables to transfer the energy into your dead car battery.

If you do determine to jump start a car using jump leads, make sure the donor car is running. If the car is not running this could flatten the battery on the donor vehicle and then that car will not start either. Safety considerations should also be applied when connecting the leads. Connect the red leads to the positive sides and the black cables to the negative sides and always make sure the cables do not touch each other.

Many car owners take a car battery life for granted and fail to realize there are several things an owner can do to keep it in prime condition. Performing daily care and protecting the battery with insulation helps extend the life. .

First of all, create a monthly maintenance schedule for the car's battery. Check it for physical damage, like cracks in the case or frayed cables, which can lead to damage and loss of energy. Also, clean off any corrosion on the battery, case, or cable connectors using a wire brush and a mixture of baking soda and water. Taking the time to do this every month helps preserve the batteries longevity and makes car owners aware of potential problems.

Be sure to check that the battery is tight and secure in the car. Common problems occur when the battery comes loose, which leads to power drainage and may make it difficult to start your car. Tighten down any loose cables and the hood using a combination wrench. These simple steps helps keep the battery working at its very best, saving owners money on premature repairs.

Lastly, invest in a little insulation. New cars often increase every inch of available space under the hood, which makes batteries more susceptible to overheating. Placing an insulation blanket around the battery will help protect it from engine heat. An insulation blanket also protects it from exposure to cold weather, making it much more probable to start in all weather conditions.

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