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Q&A: Someone might ask “Do you consider yourself eco-friendly if you drive an electric car?”?

Question by Breath on the Wind: Someone might ask "Do you consider yourself eco-friendly if you drive an electric car?"?
But only leave such a question up for a couple of hours before accepting a negative response. Perhaps such questions are no better than the advertisements that are against Yahoo T/S. This one did not give much of a pretense at being open or fair so I thought it deserved another chance. The response accepted as BA gave some rather odd statistics for the energy makeup of electricity. But upon reflection, he could have been quoting stats for some suburb in South Africa. As long as the stats are not qualified they are probably true somewhere. So just what is behind that EV grin?;_ylt=AlERfHkOeVVdGTIP8VH6VKn95nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20101008122415AAggnSQ "Nickel-cadmium batteries" !!?? That was two generations of chemistry ago and were they ever used in an EV?

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Answer by RickyD
I would say that being an an eco-friendly car is a good thing!

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5 Things to Consider in Selecting Car Battery

by einalem

5 Things to Consider in Selecting Car Battery

Car batteries will last for years. But it is a fact that throughout your vehicle's life cycle, old batteries will need to be replaced. It can be drained with the frequent use of electrical accessories and lighting for the vehicle. Many car batteries can expire without notice. That's why it's important to be pro-active in replacing the car battery regularly. This simple step can help ensure your road safety and make car maintenance less of a hassle for you and your family.


Of course, it is also important to know how to maintain the car battery in tip-top shape once you had it changed. There are many considerations to look into in selecting a battery, replacing it, and maintaining its condition. This article will provide you with the basic information:


Right Size and Type

When the time comes for you to replace the old battery, make sure that the get a new one with the right size and type for your car. Go through the car manual first or ask a mechanic before buying the replacement.


Durability in Extreme Weather Conditions

It is also important to note that car batteries are designed differently. Some can withstand extreme weather conditions during wintertime. Meanwhile, certain products are best used in warmer climates only. Heat is also a problem though. High temperatures increase plate corrosion and make the electrolytes vaporize faster.


Car Battery Life

Try to find out the expected battery life of the product before making the purchase. You cannot do without car batteries so choose the best one possible. Be conscious of your consumption and use energy wisely. Don't be too stingy though because the electrolytes inside the battery will drain away over time even when it is idle.


Car Maintenance

Majority of batteries today are maintenance-free. There's no need to refill the electrolyte regularly. Certain manufacturers right now are promoting absorbent glass mat (AGM) because they believe this to be safer. However, regular car batteries perform just as well. Overall, there's no need to continuously check your battery because of the technology available.


Recycling Tips

If you're replacing your car battery, then you obviously need a dispose of the old one. Try to bring the used battery to the manufacturer for recycling. Some even provide you with a discount for its return. Whether or not an incentive is given though, it is a good idea to bring the battery where it can be recycled. It will help lessen the toxicity in the environment.


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