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Q&A: Does a car radio have a “storage battery” ?

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by Wouter Kiel

Question by JoseFFR: Does a car radio have a "storage battery" ?
The storage battery I mean is a battery used to keep the stored information even if the unit is not running, such as in CDs or fax machine. I need to know if a car radio also use that kind of battery, because these days when I start my car in the morning the radio stations I have stored are gone and also the clock reset. My car is a 2003 Daihatsu SUV.
Thank you all. For David N, do you think there might be some problem if for the moment I keep the audio system off? I call for repair in several days and before the repairment I think I will not use the radio and all audio system.

Best answer:

Answer by David N
There is supposed to be a trickle of power supplied by a second wire to keep alive the clock and station presets. The main power wire goes cold when you turn off the cars ignition.

If you installed this yourself, go back and read the instructions, otherwise there may be a fuse blown.

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