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Car is dead. Battery problem?

by gordonwatts

Question by Rakshan M: Car is dead. Battery problem?
Hi, I have a 2002 pontiac firebird. Have not had any problems till tonight. It was a bit cold outside (San Francisco, California) and when I pressed the key-chain button to open the car, it would not open strattera capsule. I noticed that even the radio-theft deterrent red LED that flashes inside had stopped. I got into the car manually and tried to put the key in ready position, but no indicators or lights came on and when trying to start it, it did not start.
Could this be because it was cold outside? I have not used the car in 2 days. Recently serviced (oil etc) by Jiffy Lube.
Im planning to lookup the battery "eye" (hydrometer) tomorrow morning and try again in daylight.
Any suggestions on what could be the problem? Also, 2 days ago I used a recently purchased seat-warmer device while the car was running, for approx an hour's drive. It couldnt be that, could it ?
The alarm could not have gone off within the last 2 days of non-use, since I wouldve heard it or seen it. The theft-deterrent LED I mentioned above is a small red light that flashes all the time that the car is turned off, and probably takes very little power from the battery.
Seat Warmer Info : It was unplugged after the 1 hour drive/use, so it could not have drained it. It might have put pressure on the battery while the car was running, but I thought when running, things dont run off the battery.
Im still suspicious about the warmer, since thats the only new thing in the equation.
Leaving lights on : Everything inside the car turns off within a few minutes of exiting and locking it. so I did not leave anything on. Headlights, if left on, cause the car to beep continuously (very irritating), so i dont think i left those on either. My last use of the car (returning from work) was as routine as always, except the warmer.

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Answer by truth d
Yes and Yes and No and No

Yes theres no power (no dash lights) so in all likelihood yes its a flat battery so first impressions are that 1 something was left on (i.e. light, seat warmer) 2 the battery is faulty

No the battery wouldn't go dead because you used the seat warmer while the car was running and No the cold wouldn't drain your battery either

The fault is definitely electrical but I believe youre right in your suspicions about the seat warmer and the battery. my guess is however youve wired the warmer is the problem. Disconnect it and jump start your battery and you should be sweet 🙂

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Why does my low battery light on my car come on? I just replaced the alternator and the battery.?

by Adam Solomon

Question by Electra-fried: Why does my low battery light on my car come on? I just replaced the alternator and the battery.?
Hi, so I start my car up every morning and the "low battery" light comes on.My dash lights are dim and my stereo makes a loud hissing sound that gets louder as I speed along in my car. After a few minutes the light turns off and my dash lights look normal again, but the hissing sound from the stereo is still there. I've checked all my connections to the batter and it all looks fine.

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Answer by kelly_f_1999
and what about belt if loose or old it slips and either alternator or battery wil work and if you have added a new stereo that could do it as well an dcant look at battery cables and tell if they dirty and best to have charging system check for drain or draw on power with radio on and off

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