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In a Car Repair “TERMS” What is this Mean !?

by gordonwatts

Question by Bijan F: In a Car Repair "TERMS" What is this Mean !?
I will explain as simple as I can, but it is NOT an everyday term I am going to use here. They say when your battery is NOT charged right, or every once in a while that there are signs your battery is getting weaker and at a point the car won't start and you'd have to jump start your car by connecting 2 batteries . WHAT is The Term >>> Something is taking the juice out of the Battery" >>> in other words It is said in another way : < <<< "The car electrical system or wiring is sort of going to ground (as I have heard) " >>> and to me still I don't understand what do I have to look for to solve this shortage from not being done or happen to my battery, My car starts OK, and If I leave it for 3 to 4 days without using or starting it, This will happen and It won't start . Where do I start to find the place where this is going on or rather "which wires am I going to have to check !?" - Thanks in advance

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Answer by rick29148
Draining the battery... ?

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How Long To Recharge Car Battery – Restore Batteries

by einalem

How Long To Recharge Car Battery - Restore Batteries

A car battery has an average life of 5 years depending on their quality as well as warranty. It depends on the conditions that the battery is running on. There are various factors that determines how long to recharge a car battery. If your car battery last longer than the average 5 years, it only means that you are taking good care of your car battery.

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A car battery would not last long due to poor maintenance, too much cold temperature, leaving the car idle for long periods, car parts which are faulty, battery cables and posts are not functioning well, use of battery for other purposes and car parts . Although one must take note that not all batteries can be restored or recharged. It depends. If your car is dead, it should be replaced but if a car battery is just low on power it can still be recharged.

Here are some steps on how you may be able to know how long to recharge car battery. 1) Try to inspect your car battery for any damage. 2) Check the cables attached to the car battery, see whether they are corroded or not. If they show signs of corrosion, unloosen the clamps and clean with stiff brush. If they are only loosen then try to tighten them.

A battery needs a battery charger and an alternator. An alternator will help in restoring enough charge to the battery which will allow internal cold cranking amps to start the battery. The battery charger will determine how long it will take to recharge a car battery. The lower the amp the longer wit will take for a battery to be recharged as well as how dead the battery is.

How long to recharge car battery? It all depends on the situation, a few factors and conditions.

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