In a Car Repair “TERMS” What is this Mean !?

by gordonwatts

Question by Bijan F: In a Car Repair "TERMS" What is this Mean !?
I will explain as simple as I can, but it is NOT an everyday term I am going to use here. They say when your battery is NOT charged right, or every once in a while that there are signs your battery is getting weaker and at a point the car won't start and you'd have to jump start your car by connecting 2 batteries . WHAT is The Term >>> Something is taking the juice out of the Battery" >>> in other words It is said in another way : < <<< "The car electrical system or wiring is sort of going to ground (as I have heard) " >>> and to me still I don't understand what do I have to look for to solve this shortage from not being done or happen to my battery, My car starts OK, and If I leave it for 3 to 4 days without using or starting it, This will happen and It won't start . Where do I start to find the place where this is going on or rather "which wires am I going to have to check !?" - Thanks in advance

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Answer by rick29148
Draining the battery... ?

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